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What will happen in 10 million years - Earth after 1 crore years - Know the pridiction which are made. The future of Human Species

What will happen after 10 million years.
We all have a habit of knowing the future. We always think that what will happen when I will be grown up. How the earth will be at that time.

So, we are here to tell you. It's true that we can't see the future but we can predict it, we can know the possibility, what will happen.
So, Welcome to the Sound of Soul

We Will make a series from 10 to 100 million years from now. The pridiction which made, are based upon the scientific researches and by seeing the possibilities.

In 10 years, first human will steep on the moon. Yes, it's true that humans are going on Mars and may live there.

In 100 years,special robots have been made and will start working on Mars to make it suitable for humans. They will adjust the conditions according to the human habitation.

In 1,000 years,most of the earth's ice melts, causing floods all over the world and it will also cause a huge distruction. It's true because the global warming is increasing day by day and humans are doing various activities by which they are harming themselves and nature. And if the ice melts it will led to death if many people.

In 10,000 years, because of the Wars and climate change humans will kill themselves. Now this is a huge distruction. The humans are in the wrong way. Instead of living happily they will kill their own brothers and sisters, for a small comfort. I myself don't want this pridiction to become true.

And if we survive the distruction then

In 100,000 years, Mars will become our second home. We will live on Mars and will form a new, totally different world there.

In 1 million years, we will colonize the milky way galaxy. We will use the energy of stars, which will power our giant space ships, this ships we'll develop in the future to move in the space.

In 10 million years, we will reach other galaxy in search of new homes, we will become the multi civilization, and will take controls over other galaxies.


This article is about the earth and it's people, we discussed about the pridictions which were made about the future of the earth. Some are good, which shows that how much improvement science and technology will do but some are harmful to us, So we should live peacefully here and make the earth a better living, so we can live here for long time. 

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