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What will happen if earth stops rotating

What will happen if earth stops rotating for a while ?

What if the Earth stops rotating for some time and starts revolving after a while.
The earth is moving from east to west.
And the speed of the earth on a equater is 1670 kilometers per hour. If the earth suddenly stops rotating. Everything on Earth's equater starts flying towards the east at a speed of 1670 kilometers per hour.
And even after the Earth stops moving, its atomosphere will start rotating at a speed of 1670 kilometers per hour. All the things that came in the atmosphere will start flying at a very high speed.

All this will be the same as when we brake a car moving at a high speed, we lean forward. And feel pushed, When the Earth stops rotating, we will all be flying in the air at a speed of 1670 km. If seen, this speed is very high and it is enough to bring destruction on Earth. But this is not the speed with which we can reach the space

Earth is not perfectly spherical 

Due to the constantly changing geographical features, the shape of Earth is not completely round, ie it is not perfectly spherical. If the Earth stops rotating for some time or even for a few seconds. Because of this, sea water will start to be distributed in equal amounts. And both North and South Pole will be completely submerged in water. 

Stop rotating of Earth will cause huge destruction 

If this happens, a huge tsunami will hit the Earth's equator. So that all the coastal areas of the earth will be completely submerged.
Due to this disaster on Earth, the whole earth will collapse. Due to which the air, water and all the vehicles plying on the roads will be ruined. At that time, even those sitting in these vehicles will not be able to escape. This will happen because the earth will start facing powerful winds because of its rotation.

This will make life on Earth a mere imagination. And the human species will remain erased.

And this will have effect for years.
And earth start rotating again, everything will be as fine as before. Debris will look scattered around the earth. All human made things and natural things will end for a time. And for a time, all traces of mankind on Earth will disappear


This shows us how important it is to move around and if it stops moving for a while, it can be very harmful for all of us. The earth implements everything and provides itself with all its beauty. It carries the weight of tons, yet it never stops rotating and always performs its duty. We should not forget our duty towards it and should not harm natural things. We should not harm the environment and plant more and more plants and trees to make them more beautiful and better to live in. So, that the Earth can become a better place to live and there is no harm to the generations to come.

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