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What are black holes - how black holes formed -

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So, when you wake up in this morning and was seeing the rising sun, at that time in the orione Constilation around 642 light years far from us, a start about 10-15 times bigger than sun and the 9th brightest star in our night sky is taking its last breath, it's name is Betelgeuse and will be destroyed in some thousand years. As you know that everything has its own end in this universe even off the universe also has the end. We have discussed this in our previous article also:

The End of the star.

As Betelgeuse is burning from crores or years in type two super nova, will be destroyed in some thousands of year because it's H2O reserves will end and it will be collapsed in its own gravity. And then a new monster will take birth.

How black holes formed?

In 2015 we all have seen, a birth of a monster, 250 lakhs light year far in NCG 6946 galaxy when a star bigger than sun about 25 times had disappeared. In 2007 this star is brighting and in 2015 it disappeared. The place where it disappeared in the black space is considered as black hole.

So, friends the topic is that how the black holes are created?, 

What are they consist of?

What will happen if you fall in black?

 Is it possible that there is a way in black holes to different dimensions? 

And Can we travel the time using black holes?

 So in this article we are going to get the answers of the questions regarding Black holes.

The black holes are also called the monsters because anything, even the rays of light if goes inside its event horizon will be never back in the universe.

Now the question is that, where the things are going, the black holes have the way to the different dimensions, well we will discuss this here:

So, frist I would like to kill your myth regarding the black hole that black hole is a hole in the universe.No, it's not like that as most of you think. A black hole is a star which has a very very powerful gravity like we can't even imagine it. So, if any object moves around it's event horizon will be taken inside it because of its gravity and will be destroyed and it's atoms and sub-atomic particles will mix With the black hole that will increase it's mass. So, the objects which are going inside the black holes will never come back as black holes have only negative energy which is pulling the objects towards it which is gravity and there is positive energy which push the objects out of it. So the objects which are going inside it will never come again.

What if you fall in black hole?

And if you fall in the black holes than you will fell pressure from one end for very less time and after that your body will be destroyed and your body particles will be mixed with the black hole and someone who is seeing you from far away then for them this process is very slow and they will see this for a long time and they may take some days to see it what you have felt for some seconds. Interesting enough! These are the laws of physics.

How the Mass mix with black hole? 

Now, the question is that, from where this mass meets with black hole, so black holes have a point which is called the singularty in which whatever black holes eat, the particles of that object is gone to the singularty and by it the mass gets into the black hole.


Now I hope that you have got the answers of your question and have learned something new today!

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