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Way to success - how to be successful - 14 things to follow to get success in life

What is success? What we call to be successful? And what is the way to success?

So, for some it means get what you want in your life, for some it means getting extraordinary achievements, and for some others it simply means to be powerful with money and post.

So, that means success is defined different for different people's. There is no specific definition to define success. Also, there are hundreds of books which proves the way to get success. Or make sure with reading them theoretically you will get to know how to get success. But as success is differ with different people's so, there is no one which can conclude you with any one answer to be successful.

But this is all just one step towards your goal to get you know what you should do get it. Now, success is not anything which we can get easily. Firstly it is behind lack of efforts and hard work, patience, sacrifice, a lot of things.

But that doesn't mean that when you make sure to follow all these you will get success in your life. For it may be getting 8-5 job, if they're relaxed and satisfied with what they have and for others it may not success even they reached billionaire.
Before running behind success you should know these things

1. Identify and set a goal--

Rather than running behind success one should observe that what does success means to them. Setting a goal is basically the first step  reaching towards your success.

• how to set a goal

Generally people set such a goal which sometimes beyound their potential or they're not interested in which. So, most probably you should decide which is the thing that fascinates you, or you really enjoy doing. Because when you realize with all your heart enjoy in than you'll able to get true success in your life.

2. Get to know your potential --

Once you set a particular goal don't blindly follow it. Get to know your potential physically and financially. Choosing any goal  which we enjoy doing is nothing but a waste of time until you don't know your potential. Decide something which you'll make sure to achieve all by your heart and is 100% possible when you give your 1000%.

3. Deny for day dreaming --
It is something which puts drawback to your efforts. When you realize what you can than start doing something from that day itself. But only dreaming unnecessarily will decline your capabilities to do that. Stop being a fool and start focusing what you have decided. It proves to be hundred times better than sitting on the sky and dreaming of.

4. Be with positive company --

It is nothing seems to you, but make sure your company decides your success. Always be with positive people so that they put a little charm towards your goal. Decide your friends and relatives which you think are full of positivity and always ask them for an advice about anything regarding your goals.

5. Decide your surrounding --

Bad surrounding, bad person and a person with bad mind can't get anything in his life. Instead he comes in the way who are on the way of succes. So, surrounding should be the foremost priority for anyone where he/ she can easily get motivated and always learn something new. In case you are in a bad surrounding with full of dirty minds it's soo hard to ignore but just ignore them as like they don't exist for you. It is important if you wanna get success. No matter if they are your realatives, friends, family or even parents. Always keep in mind they will distract you to focus but you should be soo strong to ignore with a smile.

6. Do the things which make you feel better --

When you get tired of something doing regularly do the things which Make you feel better. It may be anything watching movies and shows, chatting with someone you like to, or feeling the like on your body, watching towards sky and flying birds freely. Which gives you pleasure of doing the work again. These things are soo little but these are wonderful when you're bored af.

 7. Don't be impatient --

Remember one thing on the way of success there are many failures which will sometimes shake your mind as well as heart. In such a situation don't take any decision or don't miss any opportunity. Always be patient and think failure means you're are closer towards your success. Be calm, and react silently.

8. Don't lose that companion --
On the way of success, you'll get many peoples. Some will go, some will stand behind, who always supported you, motivated you, never let you fall alone, always suggest good for you.
These are not people they're diamonds to your success. If you have any such person never let him go away from you. He may your siblings, parents or a special friend, sometime stranger too. But always be with them, never break their trust. Always ask for their advice. And absolutely the credit for your success.

9. Stop comparing --
Never compare your life with others, it's hard I know but comparision with others will only brings tears to you. Be focused always and think that everything happens for a reason it may good for others may be bad for you. But when this time you're having a bad time, you will definitely get more than them very soon. Just focus towards your life, and you'll see what life gives you back.

10. Be much educated --

Education is key for a well developed mind. Without getting knowledge you would not be able to decide what's wrong and what is right for you. Study is not the only way to be educated. But you should be knowledgeable as much as you can.
As empty mind is the devils mind
And without education you'll not gonna learn the things perfectly. So, that in terms of getting financial and success you must be educated well.

11. Beware of opportunities --

Opportunities will never come and knock your door. But you should go to it and knock it's door. When you are all set with your heart and mind you'll always find any opportunity which will change your life. But you should not wait for it. Instead engage in the work you like to perform and you'll not realize when you catch that one opportunity which will fill all your heart with jovial.

12. Never make fake commitments --

Commiting something and refusing from it is a despicable act. When you know you can't do the thing you are talking about never commit to do that. Because when you realize that commitment is far away with your hands, it will always make you to feel regret about in your eyes as well as in front of others. Committing beyound your limits is despicable.

13. Live the present --

Don't allow your mind to be in retention of past, nor in the dreams of future. Rather live the present and make your future with full of happiness. This is the measure problem faced by many of people's. They usually don't accept to be live in the present. Sometimes live with past happy memories and deny for making future better. But time doesn't wait for anyone. When it goes they have nothing except regretting on themselves. So, what you have be happy with that and live the present moments. So, that one day when you get achieved everything you would proudly reminding your past.

14. Keep the feeling of love and emotions --

Only focusing towards your goal all the time will not let you be successful in your emotions. You have to take some time for your loved ones. Always make them proud of what you do. Never be selfish or emotionless


By understanding well what written above I'm sure you will get one step ahead towards your success. Follow your heart and mind and always be focused towards your goals when you find the one. Never allow defeats drop across your way.
           These way to success is not easy not at all. But keep in mind to do tough things which will make you soo tough that success automatically comes finding you like you'll get a miracle.

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