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Scientist just created a MINI SUN in the Lab - what is sun made up of - what is a Solar Storm

Out earth is a planet in the solar system and has its sun which is the source of heat, light and energy on earth.

So, what is sun and what is it made up of, a deep study scientists are doing for a long time. But as you know we can't go near to sun so there is a problem in studying the sun and for this reason scientists made a MINI SUN. Amazing! Now we will discuss this So, welcome back To the Sound Of Soul.

Sun is mostly made up of hot plasma and has a strong magnetic field but sometimes this field weakeans and the hot plasma gets released in the space which is called a "Solar Storm"
                       Recently sun released a huge Solar Storm which is full of charged particles and on 12th July 2019 that storm hits the earth, but due to our large planet that solar storm becomes weaker and we didn't notice it.

So, as to study the sun and get more information about Solar Storm, scientists just created their own mini sun and this is a huge achievement for the humans.

Nowadays our technologist and scientists are doing very well in there respectful field, So we should be proud of them

Now we have our own mini sun so that we can study it and can discover new things. I hope you liked this article and learned something new today. And if you want to give us feedback on our work or would like to give the topics you can send it here prayunjsharma02@gmail.com

It will be highly appreciated!

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