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Problem with girls -rape

Heyy... What's up!
Today I'm gonna write something unusual and beyond everyone's thinking. Let me correct if I'm wrong.
So, let's make a start which is not something rare but very frequent which is girls condition, or problems faces by them even in schools.
We had very well reached in 21st century. The situations of poverty, discrimination, caste, education, power etc etc is now much enhanced. But again at the end of the day girls condition is same as they're before. There is not much safety, security, protection, freedom and independence for many or should I say lakhs of girls in Indian society till yet.
From where to start and till where to end I don't know. Because these little angels is facing something terrible which we can't even think off. All these bloody shits have to face even by 5 year old girl nowhere else but even with her own relatives or any known person. She is just too small to understand all these things going with her.

 Today, with this article I'm trying my 0.0001% to make realize society about such mishappenings with their little girls.
You proudly care for your daughters, sisters but why would you always play with others daughter and sister. These rubbish people didn't realize just for a second that it woulf spoil their life, just because of your little enjoyment someone is going to spoil her body, her soul, her image even her whole life. Many a times such cases are soo worst of all which is all done knowingly. But, that don't have any end to this.

Raavan had only kidnapped Sita....and to this day we still burn him every year and hate him.. What do you think what should do with such Monsters that are living today ??? Monsters who wear a police uniform and some are MLAs instead of protecting your daughters, sister, mothers and wives...They Kidnap them....Rape them for few days...Beat them up...kill them and just throw the body like garbage.... Start Burning such men...we only have few of them..
But Trust Me...
Many Rapists Roaming Freely.. Moreover She Wear A Saree, she gets raped.
She wear a jeana, she gets raped.
She wears a Burka, she gets raped.
So Guys, the problem is Not her Dressing.
She is seven, she gets raped.
She is seventeen, she gets raped.
She is seventy, she gets raped.
So, the problem is not with her age.
She is Hindu, she gets raped.
She is Muslim, she gets raped
She is Christian, she gets raped
So, the problem is Not her religion !
STOP looking at her with those hunger eyes and lust-filled Eyes of yours !
That’s Wear The Problem Actually Is !

Burning Raavana every year wont help todays situation ... start Burning Rapists Alive !

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