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Mother earth is dying - Part 2

Hello, to everyone who is present on earth our home planet. How's going on! 

Before you read this don't forget to read the first part of this post which will help you to understand better Mother earth is dying - Part 1

What you says everything is going fine, most of you have answered like this but NOPE it's not like that 

              So, before I start I have one question for you people? How will you like your home to be .....

                                     Some says it should be beautiful, clean arranged, peaceful,safe and every this and that for your comfort BUT what are we doing for our home... 

                      "Absolutely Silence"

What we think about is to take care of a place which is made up of bricks, concert etc. But what about the place where it is made. "We don't care"

The earth provide us with all its beauty and pleasure but what we return....

                        Did the earth ask for it.NEVER
But we should we responsible for It.

So, first I will tell you what is happening around you 

In the entire human history 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded and June 2019 was the hottest month 

According to Nass report: the arctic ice is rapidly melting and
                                   The global sea water has increased 8 inches, causing floods all over the world.

Recently scientists studied glacier and what they had found is *Scary*

They have found that the ice inside the glacier is melting at the rate of 100 times more than predicted 

And if the ice melts in future then what will happen will not be good

Antartica is the coolest place on the earth and contains 70% of earths ice

NASA us studying Antartica for last 40 years and they said is that Antartica's ice levels are decreasing and it is the lowest mark in past 40 years and somewhere ice levels are decreased by 100m and made many animals homeless.

And if the ice completely melts than the sea level will increase up to 60 metres and their will be flood all over the world.

And humans will harm themselves. Because more than 1 billion people will become homeless and many will be died due to the destruction.


So, now what you says after reading this, want to make all the predictions true or be on a right track from today. Choice is ours. What we will do today will cause us tomorrow and for our better future we should start our little contribution from today and if can't do anything then help to stop the things which are happening

So I hope we will realize our mistakes and try to overcome all those

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