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Jio fiber -jio fiber scheme

So , jio is a threat to the telecom sector. Jio will now publish the film in Bollywood. And jio will try to make its way in every possible way.

Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani announced last week that jio's high speed broadband and homespring entertainment, Jio fiber would launch a first day first show in middle of 2020. Customers who have taken premium will be able to enjoy the new movie right from there home.

People who own Theater Honors and PVR Cinemas are now worried. India has around 9000 screens out of which 6000 is single screen and around 3,000 has multiplex cinemas. And there is no doubt that there is a huge difference between watching TV at home and watching it in theater.

But as the life of people has become very busy these days, in such a situation, they can sit at their home and enjoy the new movie. Though it will not give 4D Experience but we can watch the movie from sitting at home when the movie is released.

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