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Top Most Special Person of Your Country

Before I start this article, I would like to ask you a question. Did the value of your life is more than that of your neighbour. You will answer this with, Yes. But if a asked you one more question, that the life of Prime Minister of India is more important than you.
       You will be confused in this. Obviously the President of any country is more important than a normal citizen.
                                 It's simple that if the person is important than obviously the security of them, is very strict. And the country's spend crores of rupees on their security.

Now, the question which arise in your mind are,

• Why the country's spend this much  money? 

• Who are the people, who's security cost this much?

• What kind of security they have, which costs this much?

You will get all your answers here, by reading this article you will get a new knowledge today. So welcome to the Sound of Soul.

Why the country spend a large amount of money on the security?

The country lies on the president or Prime Minister because he controlls the country and forms rules and regulations and the death of the Prime Minister or president will led lose to the country. In other countries the President is more important than Prime Minister but in india there is full democracy so the prime minister gets more security than the president.

Their are the people who's country spend crores every day and one of them is John Donald Trump, the president of the USA. Donald Trump is considered as the most powerful person in the world and is the first person of the USA and the country spend 8,45,00 dollars everyday (Indian rupee 6 crores)
You can imagine, that much money. Wow!

And not only this, the president does not go out of the White House without his military team and a personal car and the car is not the ordinary one. The car is covered with 6 inch Metal plate and this is believed that the car can handle a boom blast easily and is fully bullet proof. And their is a blood,which is same as the president which is for emergency use. Now this is called that "Baal bhi baka Nahi hone dena"

Now lets move to the North Korea, you can gusse about whom we are talking, Kim Jong- Un the leader of North Korea. Now the security of kim Jong is totally different from others, In many countries the guards give safety by the cars or the bikes, whereas the Jim Jong prefers the guards running behind him, he believes that if the guards are in the car or dive it, they may be distracted,so he prefers the soilders running around his car. Now this job looks really difficult. Around 15 thousand security guards are there for the security, they are in different departments to protect Kim Jong.

 Actually the situation is like that, the father and his brother are also the ministers of Korea and many times they were attacked so Kim Jong is more serious regarding his security.

Now the next destination is Japan and we are talking about shinzo Abe. Shinzo Abe is the youngest Prime Minister of Japan and his security is very high tech. Their are 12 cars around him and in other countries if the president is going people had to wait but here, people had not to wait for the president which means that president goes from the traffic areas but his security guards comes out of the window and tells the people to slow down the car and if the roadway is small then the guards come out of the car and cover the car and also runs behind it, which we have seen in the case of Kim Jong also.

Now we are going to the most powerful country Russia and their prime minister Vladimir Putin. The security of Putin is considered as the most strict security. We don't know that how much security guards are available for the security of Putin but according to some reports approximately 50 thousand guards are their. The gladiator protective service provides security to Putin and they are considered as the most powerful and secret organization and they not only provides security to Putin but also have the information about the criminals in Russia and if the president went for the tour in the country then the security is given by them only and it is believed that gladiator protective service is able to protect from many blasts.

Now you think that all the President travels in a black car, it is true but not in the case of the president of turkey recep tayyio erdogan 

He Travels in his favorite presidential bus, Yes It is true, a red heveay bus which is bullet proof and can handle any type of boom blast. There are two snipers who always stand on the bus and protects the president from any danger.

Now we are back to India. We are talking about the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi Sir. The security of him is the best, there is a personal team for him called the Special Protection Group or the SPG and their Motto is "शौर्यम् समर्पणम् सुरक्षणम्" which means Bravery, dedication, security. And on this motto nearly one thousand people are working 24/7 to protect Modi. Modi's security is considered as the most powerful security and it is logical, you can think that the life of 125 crore Indian are on him so the security must be powerful enough to protect him. Modi travels in a BMW 7 series,  a military grade car which is bullet proof from every where and can handle a boom blast. And there is also a extra oxygen available in the car, Also a ambulance which  follows the car, yes there is a ambulance for emergency and many cars to protect him and all the components of these cars are bullet proof.


Now in this article you read about the different Prime Minister and president of the country and known about the security of them, which sometimes looks very different but they are for the smooth functioning of the country. 

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