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Article 370 Scrapped by Amit shah - article 370, 35a Kashmir, Kashmir is divided into two parts

--Article 370 35a scrapped by home minister Amit shah. Pronged the state into union territory of jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

--The bill was passed by rajgya Sabha on Monday. And have it's hearing with lok Sabha on Tuesday.

--Addressing to the member of parliament Home minister Amit shah said ," repealing article 370 is the only way to resolve the crisis and deadlock in Kashmir. It will take some time but this is the only way."
Kashmir gets new freedom.

Highlights --

 • Bill to reorganize Jammu Kashmir. 125 in favor and 61 votes in opposition.
 • Jammu and Kashmir is divided into two parts, Jammu and Kashmir is separated by Ladakh.
 • Jammu Kashmir will be union territory but assembly will be.
 • Ladakh will be a union territory without assembly

New Delhi : Modi government has taken a historic decision on Jammu Kashmir on Monday. In this regard, Home Minister Amit Shah made a big announcement in the Rajya Sabha and proposed to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. He said that not all clauses of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir will apply. In addition, article 35a has also been removed.

The President has also approved the removal of 35a. Amist shah presented the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Bill in the House which passed in the Rajya Sabha.
With this, Jammu and Kashmir has split into two parts.
Jammu Kashmir will be a union territory
Ladakh will be a union territory without assembly

Bill passes in Rajya Sabha. 

Jammu and Kashmir reorganization bill passed in Rajya Sabha 125 votes in favor and 61 votes in opposition. Prime Minister Modi congratulated Home Minister Shah on passing the bill.The bill will be tabled in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday .From there it will pass easily because the government has an overwhelming majority in the lok

Shah's answer in Raas

Earlier, Home Minister Amit Shah while answering the debate in Rajya Sabha said that there are many things to be said on Sections 370 and 35a. Refugees came from Pakistan across the country. But the refugee who came to Kashmir has not got citizenship yet. So people standing in favor of this should answer. If this section was good then it was good for everyone and bad, it was bad for everyone. We do not discriminate with anyone on the basis of religion

Section 370 is responsible for the poverty of Jammu and Kashmir

Section 370 is responsible for the poverty of Jammu and Kashmir and the root of terrorism is also the same. Center spent billions of rupees on Kashmir's development but still did not replace ground realities. Leaders in Jammu and Kashmir are furious at the ongoing investigation against them, not for Kashmir. Reasons for injury on industry and tourism are also Section 370
There is a possibility of industrial development of tourism in the area. Section 370 is going to be good for some people and not common people

Why would someone invest there?

When a doctor cannot stay there and take citizenship, he cannot fulfill other needs, then why would he go to Kashmir? Because of this, the health services in Kashmir are patchy. If someone cannot have property in their name then why would anyone invest there?

With the removal of Article 370, Jammu and Kashmir will become an integral part of India completely. The government is made not for law but for the good of citizens

Section 370 protects only 3 families

Home Minister Amit Shah said that , "Nehru had said that section 370 will be worn by wear and tear but it did not happen."
 Now the time has come for Section 370 to go. Pandit Nehru had Dealed Jammu Kashmir, not patel.
If Article 370 does not end, it is very difficult to rein in extremism. Article 370 protects only three families. This section is not any way in the interest of Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir was a paradise on earth and will remain

He said that Jammu and Kashmir was a paradise on earth and will always be. We will make it a better state of the country. Which will not always be a union territory
When the situation is normal, it will be considered to be a state. A lot of people in the House gave a speech in favor of.
People of the whole country believe that the removal of Article 370 will benefit Kashmir.

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