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The big bang theory - how universe formed - where is God - unsloved QA of big bang - egg or hen who came first - causality conundrum

So, hello my science lovers welcome once again. Many of you have one questions in mind that everything you see surrounds you any person or buildings beautiful nature animals birds this sky etc, how they come into existence and why are they, have asked ever. No,

How we, humans exist in this Universe?   

                             Now many of you will answer this with the theory of big bang 💥 but what big bang tells us that the universe is created with a big explosion with a dot and everything was inside that dot and before it There was NOTHING but when there was nothing then how come this universe by that nothing. We will discuss it here and will try to give you the answers 

What is causality conundrum? 

Who came frist chicken or egg? This question was first asked in first century AD by a Greek Philosophyer Plutarch in his essay Symposiacs and after, this question had given a hard work to the scientific community. What we call the questions like this-  "Causality Conundrum" where causality means - "problem" and      conundrum means "vajjod".

Then what it means that because of one thing the another came into existence but now scientists have discovered that the gens which were first present in the egg can have only with chickens so technically egg come first by a similar animal like chicken by which they evolved into chicken like us as well. 
             But they are the small question which we can answer but what about this whole universe. Firstly look around yourself what you see and why you see, what you see is because of what and why you see it, why are you here reading this article and what are you doing in this world. We all have the silly answers but no one knows that by what we are and why we are. What we know. Did you questioned yourself that what I am doing,  what is this words I'm speaking, what all the things surrounds me and why are they in existence. NOPE 

                                            Then what we knows that who is having crush on whom or what the back banchers are doing in the class or what all things the political party are doing or what are the celebrities are wearing, eating and saying or we knows that which all scenes are uploaded on a porn site. That's all. Well done you are the human beings.
            Why there was nothing before the big bang and how something came from nothing how Nothing is Something and Something is Nothing 
                                       Now, we would have become lazy enough to say that the higher power from us has created us or GOD but again the question will come who created God and how God come into existence from nothing to something and if God can come from nothing to something then why we can't and if God was always there then we know we never die or born it's just a human illiusion. We and everything in this universe changes from one form to another. Energy is nethier created nor destroyed it changes from one form to another. Then who is God to create us and if he is something then he should have created by something Is it like that, that we are only God. Ha it sounds God enough. But by this all we cannot solve this causality conundrum

But we will try to get the answer here :

We had to think something new and will try to get the cause of this conundrum.

The whole universe which we can see, ofcourse not with the eyes but with cosmic microwave background radiation, is expended up-to 93 billion light years. It is consisted of matter which we can't count in our dreams and scientists believe that all the things were created by a small dot with a blast about 14 billion years ago which we call the big bang but let's think that how everything came from nothing and become something.

                  How this whole universe is there, everything is perfect and have it's own principles. 0+0=1 will not be possible any way.

We have to understand the meaning of Nothing. Nothing means vacuum, whenever we take out all the matter, elements and everything from space then what will remain - 

Vacuum and vacuum itself means nothing. 

We call this as empty space. But is our empty space is nothing? No, Look the Vedio below.

What is Quantum fluctuation? 

This is the simulations scientists have made of empty space. Whatever of see in this Vedio, the upheavel you see is called "Quantum Fluctuations" and this is happening in nothingness. 

This is not the theory or something else, we can see this in real life too. In 1948 a Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir conducted a experiment in which he placed two metal sheet in a vacuum and after some days the two metal sheet combined in a vacuum, this is because the quantum fluctuation is more behind them as compared to in between. See the Vedio how atoms combine:

Intresting, this means that the empty space is not empty actually. This we know before also, the quantum physics which study's the behavior of the smallest particles have one principle. 
                 Werner heisenbergs uncertainty principle which says, that energy cannot be zero means net energy will not be zero and this is because quantum fluctuation which is happening in nothingness. Particles are created and destroyed by themselves.

"Nothing itself means something"

Now, there can not be zero energy and energy equals to mass as Einstein's formula mc=3 proves.
 So, it's not what we actually think nothingness is not empty and

                   nothingness = mass,
                  mass = energy which is quantum fluctuation.

But now question is that, how from this nothing the universe came?

We have to look at the other half of uncertainty principle which says that physical objects can trade time for energy and vice-versa which means that any thing which came into existence with more energy will be destroyed soon and this same thing we can see in stars, that the bright and big stars which spend more energy is destroyed soon and the stars which spend less energy is there for long time.

Then how our universe which is made with a blast which we call the big bang or you can see this as quantum fluctuation is there after 14 billion years.

Here, scientists say that in this case our universe is special because the energy is almost zero and this is because of gravity.

Our universe which is expanding, we say this as positive energy or dark energy and gravity which is against it and slows the rate of expanding because gravity works as combining the objects, is considered as negative energy. And this slow expansion of universe which we see by our small, little eyes in our experience which we call as life. 


Our universe is strange nothing. Yes, universe is nothing which is something because of quantum fluctuation. We are here because of nothingness and we are nothing here but this will not get those happiness from our life and you are nothing here but you can do something or anything in this world and the happiness which are for you will be there and no one will take it only You can have those.
                   But you have to do something for it which equals to nothing. This unending universe doesn't care for you if is going up and taking the time with it and gravity is helping you by slowing down this process so, that you can do anything here and can make your name in this nothing. 

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