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Friendship day quotes, cards, video


Article on friendship 

Friendship is not easy to define. Friends are someone who are there sometimes, and are not many a times. But it doesn't mean the are not with you with their hearts. A true friendship will never die. Whether they met every day, rarely or not in regular touch from years. But they'll also stand by your side in tough times. The advice from a loyal friend will always proves to be best.
                                                       This relation between two or more can't be expressed in words. It is all about emotions and feelings with always hard to understand by someone else. Rather than they two

This is for many peoples that -

"Life without a friend is like a lamp without oil."

True friendship meaning--

• When you are in your tough times, you'll always find that one who'll be standing beside you, supporting you like no one. Physically or not but they're always in your heart and give you advice and help as much as they could to take you out through tough times.

• Friends will make you laugh even in those situation when you forget HOW TO LAUGH?
They sometimes make you cry too, with the feelings and emotions which you have between you. But a friend is always holding your hands and encouraging you when you fall from all the sides.

• They made the memories which will always made you feel great and are enough to die with. No matter how worst the situation you are in.

• They never get apart from you even you ask them too. That's mean the real friend 
They'll again with you when you are out from this world.  When you seek to be holds by someone who never let you fall again. 
Who understand you and your feelings like no one else in this world. Who sometimes fall in love with you. And no denying of course make you as rest of their life.

• These dumbo's are sometimes so stupid and do such things that you can't even imagine of. But when they are proving their friendship true you should always remember to give them a special place in your heart too and whatever they are deserve for.

• A great friend makes your life great.
These friends are those silly moron who accepts you as you are. And makes you strong enough to stand for yourself in this ungenerous world.

Videos for your friends which will delight them :

History of friendship day

Friendship day was originally founded by Hallmark in 1919. It was dedicate to the friends to celebrate , send wishes, gifts, cards. Friendship day was celebrated on different dates in different states and countries. The first international friendship day was celebrated on 30th july in the year 1958. And on 27th April 2011 the General Assembly of united nation declared 30th July as international friendship day. However, some countries including india celebrate friendship day on the first Sunday of August. The day is celebrated for wishing, celebrating and enjoying with friends all over the world. 


Life isn't about getting little to everything in it. But getting a friend like standing by your side always is much more getting everything from your life.

When you get this one Silly moron never let him go away from you. Support them as they need you always.

 "Because they are the oxygen of your life which you need to take in for living your life. They are diamond for you which when seems on your neck people will jeaolous of".

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