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Mother earth is in danger! *Proof* earth is dying

Shocking - earth is in danger - which means earth is dying. 

Humans beings are measure treat to our earth everyday we are doing various activities to destroy our mother EARTH (our home planet).

By the time you will finish reading this article more than 100 Thousand tress will be cut down, more than 5 Thousand trash will be thrown into sea, and because of that trash more than 1500 animals will die, more than 300 million pounds of pollution will be released  into air, 1–3 plants or animals species will go extinct 

This all Happens just because of human activities!

And excluding all above activities, one main thing is happening daily, It's our climate (Wheather).

• Climate is changing rapidly

 Global Temperature has increased to 0.85'C since 1880  – This is the Fastest Rate of all time.

But we don't  get enough by doing this 

• We cut down more than 7 billion tress every day, by planting only 1.7 billion tress only

• We are releasing over 40 billion tons of CO2 in air ( Which is killing millions of kids) 
And by doing all these things, our plants and animals are going away from us. 

This all causes species extinct.
  1.  150–200  Species going extinct every day
  2. White riynos are gone extinct in 2018
  3. Only 400 Tigers were left 
  4. Vaquita will be going to extinct soon
  5. Only 1800 Giant pandas are left
  "If we humans keep going this way than.        humanity won't survive too long"

And because of our careless nature we don't care what"Mother earth gives us" Food is one of the main thing of life.An average person eats 1800 gram. about one third of food we eat got wasted or thrown away.

 If wasted food is managed properly it can feed 2 billion people every day  and  Eliminate world's hunger 

"So now words think 10 times before wasting food, Your wasted food can feed a person who is need of food. Don't think to waste your food instead of it,save as much as you can and give it to a person who truly need it. 

Now what can you do to save the earth?

You can do everything, because you are one on this planet and, don't think that what a single person can do. No,you are one among many who are destroying the environment but, you can also save many by planting only a single seed, which doesn't give you any think, not fruits, flowers but it is giving the main source of living. Believe me, The happiness you will get by spinding time with the nature, will not give that happiness when you will be successful in your life. 

Everything starts with a single one, this earth was also with a single person, and that single one also created with single cell. 

Now some energetic and inspiring quotes 

" The most worthiest and happiest moment  in life that one can experience is that , a old man is planting a tree in his last years, knowing that he can't take shade, fruits, and see its flower but, for his grandchildrens."

And if you want to do progress than read below lines:

"Progress is impossible, without a change and those who cannot change their  mind ,cannot change anything."

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