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ICC cricket world cup 2019

The ICC cricket world cup 2019 is the 12th edition of cricket world cup scheduled from 30th may to 14 July. The format of a tournament is 10 teams playing against other 9.At the end top four teams will play semi finals. 

Cricket format: 
one day international
Tournament Format:
Robinround, knockout
 30th may to 14th july
Teams participating :

There are many countries in the world but out of which 10 will be playing world cup 2019 cricket. 

ICC put an eye towards enhancing number of teams in ODI as it also increased from 10 to 12 teams in test series from June 2017 after the admission of Ireland and Afghanistan.

Countries in 2019 world cup:
3.New Zealand
8.West Indies
9.South Africa
10.Sri Lanka


International cricket world cup held at an interval of 4 years. Also cricket world cup is most watched sporting event in the world. 
In 1975 the first cricket world cup was organized . The event is organized by sports governing body that is ICC (international cricket council). 
In the first tournament 8 teams were played - Australia, new Zealand, India, west Indies, pakistan, England, sri Lanka, together with composite team East Africa.
The tournament was won by west indies who deafeted Australia by 17 runs. 
West Indies again won the second world cup by defeating England by 92 runs at final. 

The first three world cup were held in England. Australia had won the tournament for the five times. Pakistan and sri Lanka also won once each. India won the world cup for two times. 

Cricket popularity among fans :

Nowadays cricket has its fans in billion. And as we know that England is the birth place of cricket. But It is more popular in Indian sub-continent. If, you are an Indian, than you would definitely know that India has many gully cricketers. And in most of the cities in India cricket tournaments are held.

Cricket is more popular among youths, teens, and some young adult. In India, cricket is a game played in each area whether rural, urban and as people like playing it. They love watching it too most probably. Also, cricket is more popular among male as compared to females. As a fact womens cricket team is also not much popular. The research was widely conducted to see the growth of fans towards cricket in the world.

Fact about cricket world cup :

• Chetan sharma of India is the first bowler to claim hat-trick in world cup 1987.

• Australia is the only team which had won 5 world cup among which 3 were come in a row (1997,2003,2007)

• Sachin Tendulkar of India is the highest run scorer in the 6 world cup.

• England is the only nation which hosted most world cup.

• after England India and Pakistan 2 both jointly hosted world cup.

• IN the year 1987 was the first time world cup held outside the England.

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