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How to remain healthy and fit? -keep healthy and fit essay - Staying healthy and fit

We are living in 21st century where everyone is busy with their modern busy schedule. Where we can't remain healthy so, how to remain healthy and fit, staying healthy and fit is necessary in such a busy schedule for each and every. And can't focus on their health and with the passing of time they became unhealthy and unfit basically due to unhealthy lifestyles. Sometimes they might indulge in life taking disease. Therefore, everyone should take hour or half an hour to maintain their fitness.

So, for maintaining a healthy body from outside and inside you should focus on exercise and food you intake.

Firstly, we will know about exercise or some yoga to perform.

Exercise should be performed on daily basis. Many of us assume that performing exercise for sometime would make them fit and healthy. But, they are wrong as performing any exercise for shorter duration and leaving will not benefit you in any way.

If you are in a job or a business man you should give sometime for yourself and can perform some exercise. You may also, join gym if you don't know how to perform any exercise. And if you want to do simple fitness exercise than you can go for running and jogging for an hour or half.

If you are a housewife or a women engaged in some job or business you too can give sometime for maintaining your daily lifestyle healthy and free from diseases. Also, most women love yogic kriyas which doesn't need any special guideline if you are aware of its benefits and contraindication both. Than you can perform at your home very well. But, if you don't know anything about yoga. Don't directly start for it. As, besides benefits it has some unknown contraindication which may harm you sometimes if you are not aware of exercise or yoga.

For children, if you are a student studying or an adult of 18+ than skipping, running, warm-up exercises, jogging regularly may benefits you much. You can give some time for yourself and be fit and healthy in all ways.
Now, it's not that you can't perform exercises if you are aged but, with growing age you should perform some simple exercise to keep yourself healthy.

Also, besides exercises and yoga we must take care of eatables we intake. Only performing exercise and after no nutrients food may not effect to you to remain healthy all the time. Everyone of us whether child, teenager, young or adult should maintain a proper balance diet as per their need. Now a days most of us always ready for a junk food, fast spicy food which taste yummy and say no for nutrient healthy food. But, it is completely wrong for maintenance of healthy body. We know that we can't say completely no to fast food but also we can take it once or twice a week and remaining day we must eat proper balance diet consists of minerals, carbohydrates ,fats, vitamins, proteins.

By following each step every one of us will remain healthy and fit forever and always stay far away from any kind of disease. 

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